My Key Learnings of 2016


1. Don’t delay your decisions for long. Delaying them will delay your happiness.


2. No matter we are entering a modern world, don’t lose your sensitivity, emotions and decency. This is what makes you what YOU are today!


3. Lessons learned by your own mistakes are the best lessons. They are more impactful than anyone else or any book can teach you. The Key is – Learn from them!


4. Broken things can be repaired. This is true for relations as well.


5. Never do comparisons in any relations. Every human and every moment has a unique, unseen and unpublished story.


6. Keep excitements in whatever you like to do. If you leave excitement for your favourite things and goals, you will lose the purpose of your life.


7. There is time defined for everything and everything happens at the right time. But time can’t do anything if you don’t work hard to get what you want.


8. We are living in the era of Presentation and wittering. Though I choose to focus on these 3 things with equal weightage: execution, result and presentation. As I have stated before, ‘Do not seek attention; set an aura.’


9. However busy you are, spare sometime for reading. Read anything that makes you feel fresh.


10. Simplicity, Ambition, Priority and Precision are four simple words with deeper understanding. If you understand and live their true definitions, you are self-empowered and nothing else can digress your intensions.


And each small and big failure has given me lessons for my next success!

The lessons to brighten coming days and years that almighty has gifted us!


Wishing you and your families a Very Happy New Year 2017!

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