Automation Testing Trends in 2017


Not sure because I am into IT industry is the reason or what I am feeling is really true but I think that the saying ‘Change is the only constant’ is most aggressively adopted and practiced by the IT World! ‘Hello world’ programs have elevated from ‘printf’ till infinite levels! Development has spread across everywhere […]

Defining Project Execution Roadmap – The Key area of Project Success!

Whether it be service or product industry, whether it be any domain, whether it be any sizing, whether it be any execution methodology you have adopted – defining an accurate roadmap will help you achieving and improving your results at a remarkable scale. A planning capacity can be measuring by the effectiveness of efforts, quality, […]

My two cents on adopting Agile considering the scope

  As ‘Agile’ being a trendy project execution methodology now a days and a high volume information available on internet, I don’t want to do any detailing on ‘Agile Project Execution’ methodology here, but want to conclude two most frequently asked questions while thinking about adopting Agile methodology in your next project execution.   1.  […]