Fascis to Fascism – Human Tendency of Capsized Motifs for Power!


We all know ‘Fascism’ as a type of a government with one-party or one-person dictatorship. The term reminds bitter dictatorship of Mussolini, Hitler, Franco, Perón and few others…   My topic is not on fascism or any related incident. Rather it’s about history of the word ‘Fascism’ and reflection on how humans are convincingly twisting the […]

Things you should take care while working from home due to COVID-19


Friends, we are passing through a very difficult time! While I’m writing this; 177 countries across the globe are impacted by the Pandemic Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). Due to this unfortunate and unavoidable circumstances, many of us are working from home. There are doctors and other medical staffs who cannot work from home and […]

Customer Support Vs. Customer Success

customer success cover page

I’m currently reading the book ‘Customer Success’ where authors Nick Mehta, Dan Steinman and Lincoln Murphy have excellently squeezed down customer success secrets by deriving 10 crisp laws for customer success. Maria Martinez, President of Salesforce sales and customer success has played magnificent role in lifting this book up by sharing sales force strategies, examples, efforts and […]

Leadership Recipes for Women Leaders

women in conference

[Continuous read through Leadership Recipes] I summarized all-purpose leadership takeaways from Future Woman Leadership Summit in my above Blog. As I mentioned, focusing exclusively on Woman Leadership challenges and approaches to handle them in this blog below. Authentic research data says that around 53% women choose professional careers in their lives as beginners or in […]

Influential Leadership vs. Positional Leadership


Every human in life surely lives the aspiration to be a Leader in one or the other ways. People interpret the term ‘Leadership’ in different ways and every individual choose customized actions to reach and reside at this position. Rarely few are Leaders by inherited attitude. Few develop leadership attitude gradually with consistent learnings, failures […]