Happy Teacher’s Day!

  Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day… – Pick up any day of celebrations and you will realize that they do not justify the ‘one-day-syndrome’ therapy to acknowledge and thank but these are the occasions of lifetime! Your life is so much enjoyable, satisfactory and deserving because of remarkable contribution of these touchable […]

Process Documentation – Creation vs. Utilization

I have been frequently asked questions about effectiveness of project documentations by many people who are involved and impacted in process documentations in one or the other way. This is also a brainstorming question for small to midsize companies putting ample amount of efforts in setting up right processes in place.   I would like […]

Nature Inspires – To Entrepreneurs


Nature Inspires:   Nature and Books are the two most common and most easily available sources of learning and upgrading one’s self. Among these two, Nature supercedes being 24×7 operational, not asking for your additional time, serving variety of topics and that too with live examples!   This instigated me initiating this category ‘Nature Inspires’. […]

10 key points on efficient yet favorite Project Management

Considering my 10+ years’ journey in IT project management, I attempted concluding 10 bullet points that plays significant role in highlighting a manager as an effective and favorite leader and not just a dictator:   1.       Walk along with your team, don’t sit above them. Don’t take the center stage, rather be on the stage […]