Organizational Culture has High Impact on Growth Factor


  My career so far for more than 15 years has demonstrated me multiple examples of small, medium and big organizations’ growth paths. Though multiple factors are impacted for building a strong, consistent, competent, technocrat, giant, unfold and successful company; one of the most effective component in my opinion is an organization’s culture.   Live […]

Nature Inspires – To Entrepreneurs


Nature Inspires:   Nature and Books are the two most common and most easily available sources of learning and upgrading one’s self. Among these two, Nature supercedes being 24×7 operational, not asking for your additional time, serving variety of topics and that too with live examples!   This instigated me initiating this category ‘Nature Inspires’. […]

10 key points on efficient yet favorite Project Management

Considering my 10+ years’ journey in IT project management, I attempted concluding 10 bullet points that plays significant role in highlighting a manager as an effective and favorite leader and not just a dictator:   1.       Walk along with your team, don’t sit above them. Don’t take the center stage, rather be on the stage […]