Leadership Recipes for Women Leaders

women in conference

[Continuous read through Leadership Recipes] I summarized all-purpose leadership takeaways from Future Woman Leadership Summit in my above Blog. As I mentioned, focusing exclusively on Woman Leadership challenges and approaches to handle them in this blog below. Authentic research data says that around 53% women choose professional careers in their lives as beginners or in […]

How is Digital Dementia Effecting and How to Use Brain More Effectively


The dialog of a super hit Bollywood film ‘3 Idiots’ – ‘Hum machino se ghire hue hai’ (translated as ‘we humans are surrounded by machines all over’) is genuinely true in all senses. Since more than a couple of decades; digitization of machineries and socialization of digitization have become extreme! The most impacted digital device […]

Exotic European Delights Through My Eyes

Europe Magnets

It’s truly said by David Mitchell, the British writer, “Travel far enough, you meet yourself.” I think that travel is one of the most effective and healthies addictions one should have which helps individuals in rejuvenating self, uplifting maturity and building right perceptions of many life-aspects. Europe tops in my list of the most favourite […]

Flashback 2016 : The Yearend Review

Yet another 3rd millennium’s 21st century’s running year 2016 is ready to stealthily run away from our lives. Here in this post, I have tried recollecting important news and facts that stayed on top this year. 1.    Trump triumphed! Americans experienced uncertainties of election polls! The world was surprised and the Americans too were shocked […]