How is Digital Dementia Effecting and How to Use Brain More Effectively


The dialog of a super hit Bollywood film ‘3 Idiots’ – ‘Hum machino se ghire hue hai’ (translated as ‘we humans are surrounded by machines all over’) is genuinely true in all senses. Since more than a couple of decades; digitization of machineries and socialization of digitization have become extreme! The most impacted digital device […]

Simplicity is Rare. Be Rare. Be Simple.

(Picture location: Ruislip Lido, London)

(Picture location: Ruislip Lido, London) We are leaving in the world where glamour has started spreading all over; whether it be socially or professionally. Being noticed apart is surely a good thing but what is not good is the intension getting lost and becoming limited to that closed shell of event, society or circle, plan, […]

મારે ફરી એક વાર બાળક થવું છે…


મારે ફરી એક વાર બાળક થવું છે. મૃગજળ ને કહો ખોવાય ના… એમાં ડૂબકી લગાવી ખોવાએલું શૈશવ ખોળવું છે, મારે ફરી એક વાર બાળક થવું છે.   લેપટોપ બેગ થી થાકી જતાં ખભા ઉપર, પેલી ભારે ભરખમ સ્કુલ બેગ ભરાવી મિત્રો સાથે દોડવું છે.   Budget, economy અને current-affairs ની debate ભૂલીને, બાળપણ એક ખૂણામાં […]

Nature Inspires – To Entrepreneurs


Nature Inspires:   Nature and Books are the two most common and most easily available sources of learning and upgrading one’s self. Among these two, Nature supercedes being 24×7 operational, not asking for your additional time, serving variety of topics and that too with live examples!   This instigated me initiating this category ‘Nature Inspires’. […]