Festive Season is ON! What’s your TAKE ON?



Greater part of the earth is busy grabbing each fun and excitement of this festival season. While I am writing this post, very few days are left before getting back to routine work and everyone is busy in executing their long awaited fun-times and double their joy and excitement.


Look from one angle and think what these festivals are? The same kind of break we get every year, similar holiday planning, the same types of celebrations, similar prayers to Almighty, same gatherings, similar shopping, exchanging similar gifts and blessings, similar helps to needy and poor people, same duration for taking resolutions and being more committed to your own self and so on…


AND – Look from a different angle to find another meaning of festivals and holiday season!


The biggest reason to celebrate this year festival season is We are Alive! God has chosen us in all those who are able to be with our loved ones this year! This festival is the reason to thank God for giving us the life to live and the health to live peacefully. We are the part of this beautiful earth where so many could not be so and their families and friends are badly missing them. Festivals are time to pray the Almighty for thanking to keep us alive and pray for those sad families to give his strength and peace who have lost their loved ones.


Festivals are the time to Cherish beautiful memories! Another year is ending gifting us so many memories – good and bad.

Each good memory gives us the reason for celebrations, reason to sharing our respectful gratitude, reason for helping others lifting higher with our learning and reasons for sharing the joy of our happiness.

Each bad memory gives us even bigger learning and more thoughtful lessons, leads us towards a bigger firmness – the firmness of not to repeat such mistakes next year and also the attitude of guiding others to avoid such errors. As a human being you may have made mistakes and done something wrong. That doesn’t mean that the world is over for you! That means you will now able to hold the truth more firmly. That means you are the evident of the mistake and so you value your consents much higher.

Life is a combination of different colors; just like a seven color rainbow! No matter it’s not seen always, it’s hidden in those sunrays, those clouds and those transparent raindrops. Life is always preparing us for a new shine, better experience, fresh motion, rhythmic vibrations and new hopes. So let’s be positive and grab the best out it!


Festivals are the perfect time to Thank your family and loved ones, friends, colleagues, mentor and all those who contributed for making your life brighter, better, higher and sharper this year.


Festivals are the time to Forgive and Forget.

Forgive as we are forgiven.

Forget the pain, the unworthy and work towards better, valuable and higher achievements.


Festivals are the occasions to Help others. Remember one thing that God has chosen you to live a happy and wealthy life. There are lacs of other people who are not lucky enough to even get essentials. God has said if you help even a very small one from this world who is in need, you have helped ME! Never miss a chance to share a very small amount of your blessing (which is actually God’s gift to you) with others in the form of time, money, respect, love or whatever that makes them feel happy. Seeing smile on those innocent and needy faces will give you ample satisfaction and will make you understand life better!


Festivals are the reason to take Resolution and stick to those!

How many of you could complete your last year’s resolution(s)? Don’t be just stylish and quick in taking resolutions. Think deep. Analyze your goals. Challenge your own self first.

Dream. Reiterate and regularly remember your dreams. Work harder to convert your dreams into reality. Sharpen your firmness.

Learn. Learn from your surroundings. Learn from nature. Learn from others. Learn only what is good. Learn from your mistakes. Learn not to repeat your mistakes.

Take one or a few more resolutions. Not too many that may overload and depress you in later part of the year. Take resolution of being a better human being than last year. Take resolution to teach right values to your children. Take resolution to uplift yourself – personally and professionally. Take resolution to spend some time and money to help others who are not blessed with what you are.


So… continue with your parties and celebrations… and at the same time keep polishing yourself for a better 2015!

Happy New Year to you!



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