Flashback 2016 : The Yearend Review

Yet another 3rd millennium’s 21st century’s running year 2016 is ready to stealthily run away from our lives. Here in this post, I have tried recollecting important news and facts that stayed on top this year.

1.    Trump triumphed!

Americans experienced uncertainties of election polls! The world was surprised and the Americans too were shocked by their own decision! The republican candidate, businessman Donald J. Trump defeated Democratic party’s Hillary Clinton by winning 306 electoral votes against the target of 270. Clinton gathered 232 votes giving her a shocking defeat! Trump will take oath as 45th American President on 20th January 5 PM GMT.

2.    Britain polls to exit EU and Cameron steps down

52% of British citizens voted in favor of having UK out of European Union and the UK Government should now invoke legal withdrawal process by March 17’ 2017. Immediately on the day of voting and results were out on 24 June, the Prime Minister Mr. David Cameron declared his resignation considering his moral duty towards British citizens.

3.    Transit of Mercury

Mercury passes between the Sun and the Earth about 13 times in the century. This year this event happened on 9 May. This transit was visible almost the entire Globe eliminating East Asia, Japan, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. Last time it happened before 10 years and the next occurrence will be Nov 11’ 2019.

4.    Juno enters Jupiter

Juno – the NASA spacecraft launched on 5 August 2011 for 6 years’ mission for Jupiter entered a polar orbit of Jupiter on 5 July 2016. Juno’s task missions are around Jupiter’s composition, water presence, magnetic field, gravity field, wind and mass distribution etc… After completion of 20 months’ investigation, the spacecraft will be deorbited in Jupiter’s atmosphere. Juno is the 2nd spacecraft travelling to Jupiter with the 1st one named Galileo.

5.    Summer Olympics and Paralympics

After the last summer Olympics hosted in London in 2012, this time South America hosted the summer Olympics for the 1st time in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 11,237 athletes from 207 countries participated in different 306 events. For the 1st time in Olympics history, Olympics Broadcasting Services (OBC) distributed 40,000 hours of television footage and 60,000 hours of digital footage. The United States topped with maximum gold and overall, The Great Britain and China stood on second and third position respectively. Next summer Olympics is going to be hosted by Tokyo, Japan and will be held between 24 July to 9 August’ 2020.

Rio also hosted 15th Summer Paralympics between 7 Sept to 18 Sept. 4,342 athletes with disabilities participated in different 528 events. Over 2 million tickets were sold for Rio Paralympics which broke the last record of 2008 Beijing Paralympics. Here, China topped with maximum gold and overall, the Great Britain and Ukraine stood on second and third positions respectively pushing the USA on the 4th position. Next Summer Paralympics will be held at Tokyo between 25 August to 6 September’ 2020.

6.    Aleppo – Once upon a time Pride is fighting the battle of survival

Aleppo, once the largest city of Syrian region, one of the largest inhabited cities of the world, also declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO; has now only left witnesses of its glorifying history. Nationwide protests between the Government ruling in 2011 and rebels gradually converted into Syrian Civil War which has started from July 2012 in Aleppo and shamefully still not ended. From 2012 till 4 years Aleppo ended up roughly divided into two parts – oppositions in control in east and the government in west. Many political equations active in Aleppo conflict – With Russia, Shia fighters from Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanese forces supporting Assad; whereas Free Syrian army, US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Western countries opposing Assad. With everyone’s own interest and motivation, Aleppo has lost lives of more than 25,000 civilians till December 2016. The city is currently facing shortage of food, fuel and aids and the evacuation process has started already. As per 20 December 2016, evacuation process should be completed within 2 days. While seeing audio-visuals of innocent lives of Aleppo, our hearts cry. Let’s pray for early resolution of this city and normal lives of Aleppo citizens.

7.    Demonetization in India

In a special address to the nation on 8 Nov closing business hours, Prime Minister of India declared that 500 and 1000 INR currency notes will not be legal tender anymore from that midnight itself. New currencies of 500 and 2000 INR introduced on priority. 1000 INR currency still not published and major changes in Indian economy are still to be introduced as per Finance Department India. The objective behind this step of demonetization is to strengthen Indian economy by controlling black money, corruption and duplication of currency, control inflation, bring a positive impact on Kashmir situations and may more. Coming days will bring facts, failures and successes on surface.

8.    Kashmir riots

Burhan Wani, commander of Hizbul Mujahideen was killed in an encounter with Indian security forces on 8 July. After this incident, protesters of this group have been exploited and situation yet not in control even after 6 months. Around 100 people have died, more than 15000 civilians and 4000 security personnel have been injured. Kashmir experienced tragic 53 consecutive days of curfews. During this initial 50 days only, Kashmir valley had to bear the loss of 6400 crores and tourism business impacted very badly.

9.    Brangelina files divorce

The supercouple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie separated in September 2016 after they got married before 2 years in August 2014. The couple first met on the set of ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ in 2005 but kept on denying allegations of their romance initially. Out of their six children, three are internationally adopted. Their divorce has initiated another news topic of what next of their joint wealth of 400 million USD after they depart!

10. Muhammad Ali ends his journey on earth

An American born boxer, three times world heavyweight champion, sportsman of the century, activist, philanthropist and messenger for peace died at the age of 74 on 3 June 2016. Muhammad Ali set a great example of working for World Peace and was also chosen as the United Nations Messenger of Peace because of his remarkable efforts in developed countries.

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