Nature Inspires – To Entrepreneurs


Nature Inspires:


Nature and Books are the two most common and most easily available sources of learning and upgrading one’s self. Among these two, Nature supercedes being 24×7 operational, not asking for your additional time, serving variety of topics and that too with live examples!


This instigated me initiating this category ‘Nature Inspires’.


I will periodically share here such observations and conversations I grab from this best teacher ‘Nature’.


The first one is right here!


Nature Inspires – To Entrepreneurs


I just came across this picture clicked by my brother and decided to include it as my 1st chapter of Nature Inspires series – and that’s for Entrepreneurs.


A lesson for any Entrepreneur. A Dreaming Entrepreneur, A Wish-to-be Entrepreneur, A Being Entrepreneur and A Determined Entrepreneur!


I am summarizing 10 Key Points I have derived from this frame:


1.    Aim High

Dreaming big is the originator of your ambitions. Aim high and set your long term goals so you will start dreaming, planning, organizing and acquiring to reach for achieving your targets.
It is rightly said by Azim Premji – the business tycoon and chairman of Wipro limited that if people do not laugh at your dreams, it means you are not dreaming.


2.    Identify the super power and develop energy from it
Inspiration and mentor-ship is an important key of success. Surround yourself with energetic people, learn from superiors, take their advice and transform their experiences in your career building.


3.    Understand the move
Examine the trend, analyze market demand and identify pain areas. Don’t be rigid but be flexible and respect world’s comfort.


4.    Keep going
There will be thousands of factors that may demotivate you at first thought. But don’t allow them to overrule your passion. Focus on positivity, your dreams and all good things happening surrounding you rather than shadows.


5.    Identify what is good for your growth and acquire it
Be sharp and detailed in identifying the perfect need that can accelerate your growth. This includes distinguishing proper management, implementation team, resources, infrastructure, location, projects, time zone and many more.


6.    Leave failures behind, learn from them and regrow
Steve Jobs would have not given us this successful Apple Inc. if he would have not re-joint Apple from Pixar.
Failure is the sign demonstrating your progress. Those who never fail, have never tried.
So learn from failures and keep progressing.

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7.    Expand – uniformly and continuously
While settling down with essentials management; concentrate in the direction of growth, success and stability of your business.
Find new customers while being busy in winning business from existing customers. Invest on product development if this is within your territory. Open doors for mergers, expansion and even expanding to a new market and work in the direction of setting up a practical, suitable and productive business model.


8.    ‘NOW’ is the Best Time to Act
Life is too short to keep waiting for the right opportunity.
And opportunity is not going to knock your door requesting your warm welcome. Highest chances are like it’s at your doorstep wearing the silly costume of Challenges too!
The key is Act NOW, else someone else in this small world will act upon it and you will lose the battle.


9.    Sow – Cultivate – Nurture – Strengthen
Don’t expect immediate output for everything you do though you are living in the instant era. You will have to constantly and repeatedly sow – cultivate – nurture – and strengthen your objectives, lessons, efforts, culture, working model and your relations. You may not see the results at a rapid speed, but the long term impact will be very substantial.


10.    Respect your Mentor and Thank Almighty
It’s correct that it’s due to all your abilities you are cherishing your success, but don’t forget who motivated you, helped you, guided you, mentored you, supported you, taught you and lifted you.  If you love to get respected, you have to first learn to give respect to your makers, your supporters and your inspirations.


And finally…


You are the part of today. The part of your living dream. The part of your venture.
Thank Almighty for his biggest blessing for allowing you to act and react for turning your dreams into reality and giving these uncountable opportunities and challenges to shine…


Keep Growing and Keep Shining :)


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