Organizational Culture – The Paradigm of seen, unseen strategies and values


Whether its about relocating to a new destination or about changing your job; one of the most important question that comes to one’s mind is what culture it is driving in actions – from hearts and minds. This is also one of the most frequently asked questions, I have answered while interviewing mid senior or senior level candidates.

10 quick captured points on what are those small seeds that shapes up an organizational culture and that ultimately plays the key role in individual, group and the company’s success mission.

  1. Flows from Top to Bottom. What leaders act, react and demonstrate in their actions, decisions and delegations sets the aura and others will follow the same.
  2. Collaborative yet respecting right thought leadership, situational leadership and correct intensions.
  3. Simplifies approaches, standards, practices and beliefs by common sets of behaviour that new joiners mould themselves into; with right understanding, justification and spirit.
  4. It’s always Vision oriented, focused and clear.
  5. A continuous thought process and outcome of how we lead ourselves and the same way how we want our subordinates to lead their juniors.
  6. Believe in HOT communication – Honest, Open, Two-way and self demonstrates the same.
  7. Derived by measuring energy level of capable employees and success level of right intended employees.
  8. Judging intensions by actions and not by words.
  9. Demonstrating equilibrium for capable, proven, energetic, visionary and value adding people.
  10. Deals with complex situations by simplifying the problems and driving through smoother execution and closure – not the other way round.

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